About Us

Our Story

From a successful growth of Santè International, Inc. through the years of direct-selling barley, The Santé R.A.W (Retail and Wholesale) Branched Out as a New Division That Focuses on (as It’s Named)—Retail and Wholesale, Being the Marketing and Distribution Arm of Sante New Zealand: The Ultimate Supplier to Wholesale of Pure and 100% World-class Organic Products Grown and Cultivated In the Fertile Plains of Canterbury, Which Offers a One-stop Shop for International Organic/whole Food Retailers in the Philippines And Worldwide!
We Are Not Just Organic. We Are World-Class Organic.

Santé New Zealand and Santé R.A.W. guarantee a highly reliable certification system.We support the product from the technical point of view and help them understand the benefits of the product.

Our Vision
To Be A Global Provider Of Premier Wellness Products And Services.
Our Mission
To Provide Clients With Certified Organic Raw Materials And Quality Services To Help Customers Live Better Lives.