About Us

If your business islooking to source New Zealand certified organic and natural wholefood, Santé New Zealand offers the ultimate one-stop shop. We source and supply top quality New Zealand product to importers around the world. We are experts in supplying certified organic wheat leaf powder, certified organic barley leaf powder, certified organic honey, broccoli sprout powder, New Zealand ingredient smoothie mixes, blackcurrant extract, organic vegetable powders (beetroot, carrot, kale, spinach) and New Zealand nutritional oil products.

Driven by our promise to bring value-added wellness products and services to every home, we are committed to equipping, empowering and supporting your business and your customers.
Santé New Zealand is certified organic by BioGro New Zealand - number 5567. We understand the certified organic supply chain and maintain certification to your site.

Santé New Zealand guarantees you acquire New Zealand’s best available product, processed and packaged products from New Zealand sources. We deliver on what we promise.

We know this country and this business. Consult with us.
Santé New Zealand lives and breathes organic farming. We meet your needs by providing reliable technical advice on product benefits.We know our products inside-out! To organic and wholefood importers all over the world, Santé New Zealand offers the convenience of allowing you to (1) purchase in bulk; and (2) to anticipate and help manage your requirements with the available supply.

With decades of on-the-ground experience in INTERNATIONAL MARKETING.
Save time and money by allowing us to help you with the export and import of your products. With our extensive experience in international marketing, we have a good understanding of the process,which enables us to get things done the right way.

How we can help?

Sante New Zealand Limited is a one stop shop for you to access New Zealand Certified organic wholefoods. We know the supplies and we know the products.

As your partner in New Zealand - we will

  • approach your product requests holistically - advising and helping you source the New Zealand product you require
  • link you into our network - giving you access to product from the country's best suppliers and manufacturers
  • bring our expertise in growing, processing and exporting to bear on
  • help you expedite market entry issues
  • support your marketing with information on the product benefits and features to help you position these unique products in the best way possible

Search and Verify

Santé New Zealand offers consultancy to find supplies in New Zealand products and verify the quality of supplies.

Design and Develop

We help clients like you develop your own retail offering for your brand—designed from a supplied white label and packed in New Zealand, that has met all the statutory requirements.

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